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November 19, 2023
Social Determinants of Health: Not Just Another Hot Topic
In other words, psychologists are increasingly seeing physical and mental health as inextricably connected, and we are seeing health equity as a goal for us as psychologists, not just for those in other fields like public health and medicine.

September 22, 2023

Infant Mental Health: A developing field in psychology
The recent rise of mental health issues in children has prompted counseling psychology and other fields to address mental health throughout the lifespan.

August 15, 2023
Counseling Trans People through an
Intersectional Lens: Challenges and Possible Solutions

There is a pressing need to expand identity-affirming care
to account for intersecting identities and experiences.

September 20, 2022
The Quintessence Series – Interview with Chia Po ChengPo
Chia Po ChengPo (he/him) is a doctoral candidate in Counseling  Psychology at University of Massachusetts in Boston from Taiwan. 

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