SCP @ APA 2023






APA Voting

Greetings Division 17 members, 

We are excited to connect with you all at the APA convention! 

In the midst of the convention excitement, we would like to remind you that APA elections are upon us. More specifically, you should have received an email from APA informing you that ballots for the APA President-elect and Board of Directors Member-at-Large will be sent out tomorrow (Tuesday), August 1, 2023. 

We strongly encourage all students and professionals to participate in this important election and have your voice heard! 

In preparation for this voting cycle, the Division 17 Committee for Communications & Technology has created an instructional video on how to navigate the voting process. You may access this video by clicking the link here. The voting instructions are also listed below.

  1. Review the slate of nominees listed here
  2. Check your email for an email from APA regarding voting
  3. Select and submit the candidates that you would like to vote for 

Note. If you cannot locate the email from APA, remember to check your email address that is linked to your APA membership account and your spam folder! You may also vote by manually by logging into your APA account and accessing the voting portal from there. 

The voting period will open August 1, 2023 and close September 15, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to Division 17 Communications & Technology Co-Director, Dr. Douglas Knutson at [email protected]   


Martinque K. Jones
VP for Communications & Technology