Treasurer Bio

Annette Kluck, Ph.D.
Term: 2019-2022

Annette S. Kluck, Ph.D., is the Dean of the Graduate School and a Professor of Counseling and Leadership Education at the University of Mississippi. She previously worked at Auburn University (2006-2019) serving as a faculty member in the APA-accredited Counseling Psychology program, directing/co-directing the program from 2011-2019, and leading efforts to advance gender equity as the Assistant Provost for Women’s Initiatives within the Office of Inclusion & Diversity (2017-2019). Annette received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish from Nebraska Wesleyan University, her M.A. in psychology, and Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Texas Tech University. Her research focuses on women’s issues including body image, disordered eating, and sexual behavior and concerns. She studies how sociocultural risk factors may place some women at greater risk for developing problems in these areas with an emphasis on family-based messages about size and shape, internalization of societal messages that assign value to women based on their ability to be perfect and pleasing (often sexually) to others, and perceived expectations for attractiveness and behavior. Dr. Kluck also examines how intersecting identities inform these experiences in women.

Annette has served SCP in multiple roles including service within the Section on Health Psychology and on the division awards and CE committees. In addition, she served as the Secretary for the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs and currently serves as an Associate Editor for Psychology of Women Quarterly. She was a member of the task force that updated the Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Girls and Women.