Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee Chair Biography

Jacks Cheng, PhD, EdM
Pronouns: tā [他]/He/They
Term: 2022-2023
Affiliation: NYC Health + Hospitals

Jacks Cheng, PhD, EdM is an early career Counseling Psychologist who is particularly passionate about cultural affirmative and anti-colonialist approaches in research and practice. Tā aspires to disrupt practices in Society of Counseling Psychology rooted in white supremacist values that elevate current members in power and dissuade outsiders, and to discover and share power with hidden talents not otherwise empowered. Tā is also involved in providing social justice focused supervision and didactics to psychology and medical trainees, and have consulted with universities, community organizations, local government, and police agencies to deliver training and reform in empowering sexual and gender diversity and communities of color and migrants in oppressive spaces. Tā received one of the inaugural APA Leadership Development Fellowships and participated in Capitol Hill visits as part of the New York delegation. Tā serves as Vice Chair and Chair-Select of the Committee on Early Career Psychologists of the American Psychological Association, President of Division of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity of the New York State Psychological Association, and previously served as Student Representative and founding co-chair of the Community of Students of the Society of Psychology for Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Tā is a licensed psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and NYC Health + Hospitals. Tā earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a Masters in Educational Psychology from Indiana University Bloomington with a doctoral minor in Organizational Diversity in Public and Police Services.