SCP and American Academy of Counseling Psychology Funding SCP Members for ABPP Board Certification in Counseling Psychology

The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) has recently taken action to WAIVE the board certification application fee ($125) for individuals who are training directors at APA accredited doctoral programs, internship programs, and postdoc programs.

D17 Denver-202In addition, if you are member of the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP; Div17 of the APA) and seeking board certification in Counseling Psychology (regardless of whether you are a training director), SCP and the American Academy of Counseling Psychology (AACoP) have joined together to reimburse ABPP applicants for the application fee and work sample review fee (a total of $375) once the person has been approved to take the board certification examination.  (If an applicant is a training director, the application fee is waived by ABPP and the person would be reimbursed by SCP/AACoP for the work sample review.)

These two programs have been implemented to encourage program training directors and current SCP members to begin the personally and professionally rewarding process of becoming board certified in counseling psychology.  The programs are also aimed at strengthening the specialty of counseling psychology by increasing the number of board certified psychologists in our specialty.

As board certified counseling psychologists ourselves, we would be happy to discuss the process, the rewards, and the benefits of board certification with you. To answer questions about the waived application fee, you can go to this link (it is under the “Info for Educators and Trainers” section of the main website for ABPP):

For information on reimburse on application fees and practice sample review, once you have be approve to take the board certification examination, please contact Jim Lichtenberg or Mary O’Leary Wiley at the email addresses below.

For information on specialty specific board certification in Counseling Psychology, please go to

James W. Lichtenberg, PhD, ABPP             [email protected]

Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP                 [email protected]

I hope you will consider becoming board certified in Counseling Psychology.


James W. Lichtenberg, PhD, ABPP

Past-President, Society of Counseling Psychology (Div17, APA)

[email protected]